Round Top TX Antiques Week

All of my friends ask me about Round Top. Round Top, TX a town of 90 or so people is one of my favorite escapes from the daily hustle. I live about 45 minutes southeast from there, also in the country. What my town of Hockley, TX doesn’t have is the sense of community that Round Top embraces. I love the people of Round Top, I love Royers Cafe (especially the Shrimp BLT). I love Festival Hill. I love Henkle & Bybee Square. I love the little gas station/market “The Mercantile“. I love LOVE LUV Love Loooooveeeee Junk Gypsy And, the reason I Fell in love with Round Top many many years ago… Antiques week.

Antiques Week is actually 2 weeks long, the last week of March/First week of April and last week of September/First week of October. Some of the most popular (and most posh) fields don’t open until the last 5 days of antiques week. I like to go the first week, scout everything out and find  special finds. Then week 2 for me is just visiting with friends and having a good time. I get asked often, what kinds of things I find in my hunting excursions during Antiques week. My goal:  I try to find unique pieces that make a statement in my house. Here are a few pictures of some of my favorite finds/statement pieces in my home (thanks to the amazing photographer April Pizana for the photos).

Welcome to my living room! I found the American Flag at a vendor in the North Field between Warrenton & Round Top. The vendor told me that the flag was rescued out of a burning VFW. It still has a smoke stain, that I think adds character but it drives some people crazy and they want to wash it out. The vintage  “Welcome” bunting came from a vendor in The Arbors Field just north of downtown Round Top. That kind of bunting was popular during WWII welcoming the Veterans home. The big tin piece is an antique grape bucket from a vineyard that I found at Old World Antiques.  Old World Antiques is one of my favorite vendors! You can find them at the Compound during Antiques week or year round at their storefront in LaGrange. The old scale I found in Round Top my first year out there, which I think was 2008.

The stools are from Artisan Dakota Pratt. He specializes in bottle cap art and is a pro at it! Go visit his pop up studio at Marburger. I bought these stools in 2009, but what I love most about them is my 3 and 4 year olds can climb up on them and they are so sturdy they don’t fall over.

I really wanted to be a part of the Round Top community, so one year I rented out space at Chelsea Meadow and set up shop for an artisan friend of mine, Treasure Fleming. She makes furniture out of reclaimed wood and does amazing work. You can find Treasure (TFHF) on Instagram @TFHFurniture. Well that year, our booth was next door to SDS Designs out of FL. The owners of SDS are great people! They built me the perfect kitchen table. It’s a large square, fits 8 people comfortably and resembles butcher block. SDS can be found at Chelsea Meadow and if you are looking for a unique table, check with them! If they don’t have it, they can make it. The centerpiece on the table is an old railroad lantern that I found at Old World Antiques. See the map in the hallway? It is HUGE and AWESOME and framed in metal. I absolutely LOVE it and I found it  at ReCoop Designs in the Blue Hills field. I met Cooper from ReCoop last year and really like his stuff. The fact that he is a Marine helps a little too. Okay, it helps a lot! But I seriously love his stuff. It’s completely different then you find at other vendors. Go check his stuff out, and while your there, thank him for his service.


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A few other vendors that I must mention are: The cutest and sweetest vendor couple of Round Top Antiques Week goes to…..drum roll please…. Doug & Carina from Eneby! Go see them at The Compound. They have a great set up there and they have great leather furniture from Sweden. One of my favorite things they have for sale is Doug’s collection of antique Bibles.

Another vendor I must mention is Pascal. I have gotten so many things from Pascal, including a set of nightstands, an awesome long trunk that I put at the end of my bed, great wingbacked chairs, a sofa table, a bench, and several super sturdy tall baskets that I use for everything from blanket holders to toy baskets. Pascal can be found at the Compound as well.

Who is in need of linens? Stop by French Laundry at Blue Hills or The Compound to see her stuff. She can custom make you pillows, bedding, anything you need! And she has my very favorite mom and daughter team helping her out during Antiques week- First Lady of Texas, Anita Perry, and daughter Sydney Perry.

You simply can NOT go to Round Top without stopping at Junk Gypsy. Amie and Jolie, sisters and creative geniuses and two frickin awesome women (and super special friends of mine) have created a little paradise about 2 miles south of downtown round top. Every day during Round Top they host a front porch concert. So when your done shopping and your stuck in traffic, pull over for a little happy hour. Bring a blanket (or go inside and buy one) and sit on the beautiful lawn under the big shaded trees, sip on some Miranda Lambert wine and listen to a little Texas Country. That’s when it will hit you that Round Top is a little slice of Heaven. When you are ready to leave, go inside their store and see the magic they have created. They have everything you could ask for, well except for ice cream. Seriously though, they have clothes, bedding, antiques, biscuit mix, candles, books, paint, blankets, the list goes on and on. Just go in there and buy something!

My close friend Heather Sholl is showcasing her smoothie business out of “Wendy The Airstream”. Her business is called Fuel Bombs  aka for those who are sassy and fun “FBombs”. She is parked behind The Arbors, directly next door to Chelsea Meadow. I can tell you from experience, being out at Round Top tends to pack on some LB’s. The food  choices are limited (although delicious), and they all seem to incorporate the word pie or fried (speaking of fried pies… Farm House Café has a food truck out there and ANY flavor you get is divine). As I was doing kettle bell swings with Heather (the ever so fit personal trainer) and complaining about the extra pounds (from lots of delicious food) I gained while I was out there, we got on the subject of her smoothies. And that is where the idea of the smoothie trailer came from. The smoothies are SUPER healthy and SUPER tasty. When you are walking the fields and need a refreshment, come over to the Fuel Bombs trailer, kick your feet up on one of our relaxing chairs, plug your phone in to charge and listen to some music and who knows, I might be the one serving you!


I hope you get to experience Round Top, during Antiques Week and NOT during Antiques Week. The town is precious when its 90 people, or 20,000 people. Happy shopping.

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