I was introduced to Help One Now via Korie Robertson (you know her from “Duck Dynasty) Korie has one of the biggest giving hearts I’ve ever seen and I admire her so much for that. She balances being on a reality tv show, being a mother of 6, a devoted wife, multiple businesses and she still gives her time to kids all around the world. Super-Mom maybe?

When Korie invited me on a “Vision Trip” with Help One Now to the Dominican Republic, I didn’t even look at my calendar before I said YES. I was so excited to be a part of this amazing experience. Let me introduce you to HELP ONE NOW and it’s founder Chris Marlow, author of Doing Good Is Simple. Chris took a trip to Zimbabwe that changed his life forever. Chris surrounded himself with people that could give him insight on what helps and what hurts when it comes to mission work and he launched the organization HELP ONE NOW to truly help communities around the world. HON is designed to work with local leaders in each community that take care of orphans, impoverished families, and kids that have been rescued from slavery. Depending on what the community needs, HON provides funding for houses built in the communities, education for both children and adults, healthcare, and simple needs such as mattresses.

The Vision Trip to the Dominican was so special. The trip started out with all of us flying into San Juan and driving about 4 hours. We stayed in Barahona, which has beautiful beaches! We drove into Neyba the next day where the HON orphanage is located and met their children. The kids are SOOOO sweet and respectful and kind and loving. I instantly fell in love with them. I brought a couple of suitcases filled with books, markers, coloring books, flip flops and other goodies. The kids loved going through their new stuff and staking claim to their favorite things. There was one kid in particular who stood out to me, his name is Saulo. He was playing soccer, saw the books, came over grabbed a Dr. Seuss book that had english and the translation in spanish on each page, he flipped through the book then started from page 1 and read in both perfect english and spanish every page of the book. My heart swelled with pride watching him read and sound out the words in english. When he was done, he looked up at me and said “I like books” and then he went back to playing soccer.

While we were in Neyba, we visited a piece of raw land that was just outside the busy city center, it was stunning. Surrounded by banana plantations with a backdrop of the mountains it was completely serene and an extreme opposite of their current location, smack in the middle of the market place in the city center of Neyba.

We also took the kids to the beach in Barahona for a field trip and had fried chicken, rice and beans and Korie led a Bible study for the older teenagers on the beach. Watching the kids swim in the beautiful ocean and run along the rocks of the beach was pure joy. We took the girls shopping to get new clothes and the boys wanted ice cream. Spending time with these kids gave me a completely different perspective on life, love, family and faith. I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of the vision trip with Help One Now and see what they are doing and the differences it makes in these kids lives. I now sponsor 4 kids from the Dominican, 1 from Haiti and 3 from Uganda. Sponsoring kids through Help One Now doesn’t just enhance their lives, it changes their life. Sponsor now by clicking on HELP ONE NOW SPONSORSHIP


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