Help One Now- Uganda

In July, my son Hunter and I were able to go on another trip with Help One Now and the Robertson Family. I can’t explain in words how amazing this family is! Their heart for others is so inspiring! They have showed me that it is one thing to have heart, its another to put your heart into action. I want to share part of our journey, in hopes that you open your heart to this organization and sponsor one of these kids that we were able to visit.


Meet the kids of Mayuge, Uganda.

Meet he kids of Mayuge. They are beautiful, happy, sweet, kind, loving and hopeful. Their families can’t afford tuition to school, so Help One Now offers sponsorships. With your help, a child can have the opportunity to attend school, get healthcare and one day be qualified to get a job that provides for their family. This breaks the cycle of poverty! Help break that cycle. Help give these children a future. To give you insight on what life is like for them, imagine living in a house made of mud and sticks. No electricity, No water. As a child, it is your job to walk miles to the community water well, pump water into a 5 gallon jug and carry it back to your home for your family to use. img_7607


Peanuts are grown in abundance in this area. They call them “ground nuts” which makes more sense then peanut. Each family dries out their nuts on the ground like the picture above. The yellow jugs in the picture above are the standard issue water jugs.

As a family, everyone sleeps on the ground. Most don’t have blankets and they sleep in the dirt. This causes medical issues, such as respiratory infections. Help One Now sponsorships provide mattresses in the homes of the kids that have sponsors. A mattress can make a world of a difference for these kids. They also provide a doctor at the school to help with health care issues.


Typically only 1 child per household is chosen for a sponsorship, with hopes that the one child that has the opportunity to go to school will become educated and get a good job. The saddest part of all of this for me was seeing the kids that are not sponsored. While in school, the kids that are not sponsored have to work the fields and help their family with chores and work. The first day that we visited the school, the un-sponsored kids gathered at the fence line to see what was going on at the school. I wanted a picture of these kids asa reminder to myself to get more sponsorships. Even though I felt like crying, I forced myself to smile, hoping to make the kids smile in return. img_7053



For $40 a month, you can help these kids. img_6907

Education is key in all cultures. I pray that through sponsoring these kids, they will thrive in life. They will break the cycle of poverty for their family. I’ve always loved the words of wisdom “Give a hand up instead of a hand out”. That is what a sponsorship is. YOU can make a difference through

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