R & R

At what point do you feel full rested and relaxed? Does that ever happen? I’m going to show my age here, but I clearly remember when everyone was switching to blackberry phones from the old school flip phones that didn’t have internet! I was stubborn for so long and refused to switch because I had a clear thought and foresight: If someone can reach me via email at any point of the day, on my phone, when will I have “family time” or just “me time”??? I saw it happening with my friends and co-workers, they had no personal time anymore. I miss the days of when “work” was 8 to 5. That just doesn’t exist anymore and it all started with those blackberry phones! As a society we completely lost touch of  separating  family time, work time, me time. In the last year or two  I have tried really hard to respect “work time” vs personal time of the people that I work with. It’s important for us to know that we don’t HAVE to be at each other’s beck and call, unless there is something urgent that can’t wait of course.

Everyone needs personal time! Time to reflect, time to sort out crap in your head, time to project and set goals, time to deal with emotional issues… but you have to set out TIME.

Find your happy place. Maybe it’s gardening, maybe it’s a spot under a tree at the park, or if you are lucky enough to live by the beach, maybe it’s a quiet coffee shop in town. Just take time to yourself. Find your happy place.

This is my happy place….

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