NYC in a Day

We landed at 8pm. Went straight to the hotel, dropped off the bags, and looked for the closest restaurant with good ratings. Boom => The Dutch.

Naturally, we got lost because the little robot lady controlling the map app kept telling us to go the wrong way. I blame the little robot lady in my phone. It’s her fault.

So we walked in the cold–freezing, East Coast NYC bitter cold–in circles, around and around, passing our hotel a few times, getting colder and colder by the minute, until we finally smartened up and just asked someone to point us in the right direction. MIND YOU, I packed about 10 min before I needed to leave, as I always do, so I forgot my jacket and my makeup bag. Pretty much the only two things a woman needs in NYC other than a wallet and a phone (with useless maps feature, apparently).

So I was freezing. Honestly, I just wanted to get back to my hotel and bury myself under a mound of blankets. But I also wanted to be a good hostess–my lovely cousin Renea (pronounced “Ren-ay” we’re from Louisiana, don’t forget!) had never been to NYC, this was her FIRST experience in the world’s greatest city, and so far, we’re wondering around the frigid darkness, starving, looking like traveling newbies (which, I can assure you, I am not). 

We finally made it The Dutch. Super cute, super small, cool corner location. Excellent service, delicious food. We dined upon: Tuna ceviche appetizer, with avocado, juicy red grapefruit, and a hint of heat from jalapeño. Then delicate, flakey black sea bass with crispy rice, miso, nameko mushroom. Finally, perfectly grilled medium rare lamb chops, smothered in spicy jerk sauce, rotipancake, pikliz.

Renea had a fancy schmancy cocktail (a big deal for this clean eating, uber strict, no body fat, fitness guru who like never eats carbs ok), called “The Hot Tin Roof.” It had tumeric, ginger, honey, cayenne (like I said, we got Louisiana in our blood ya’ll!), and of course, vodka. I had my fancy cocktail of choice: Diet Coke. ahhhhh, so tasty!  We loved it. A perfectly decadent NYC meal.

We hastily made it back to the hotel and were asleep within minutes.

Next day, got up super early (not my favorite thing to do, I’ll admit it. But for traveling, I’ll do pretty much anything that lends to the adventure!), ate at Chobani. Once again, I’m stupidly reminded that I forgot my coat by the bitterly piercing cold weather chilling my bones. I just couldn’t handle it. It was so cold. I ran over to a coat store and stood in line for almost AN HOUR–yes, ONE HOUR–just to be able to buy a freakin coat!!!! NYC shopping @ Christmas = crazy!!!

OK, so I got the coat, we immediately took of on an adventure. You simply cannot go to NYC and NOT see the 9/11 Memorial. It’s almost UN-American and I simply won’t stand for NOT seeing it every time I’m in town. We went to pay our respects, then ventured into the museum.  We listened to the messages that the airplane passengers left to their family members. We listened to the messages that family members were leaving to those who died. Cried our eyes out…but, more importantly, filled our hearts with even more pride for this great nation.

Never QUIT

Next we ventured to Times Square. Took some quick pics.  Then headed to the Christmas markets at Columbus Circle. Took more pics. Had a blast.

Times Square New Years Ball!
Rockefeller Plaza.
Iconic and always worth seeing the skating rink and tree at Christmas.

NYC in 24. WHEW!

Next we hopped on a train and are headed to D.C……

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