It’s Blooming Outside

I get told that I have a green thumb. I think everyone has green thumbs it’s just whether you are passionate about the blooms or not. When I see a new bloom I get a tingly feeling inside, it seriously creates joy inside me. I LOVE growing things. I don’t love the maintenance, like pulling weeds and fertilizing, pruning, etc but it’s all part of the game. Kind of like our bodies. I LOVE when I’m skinny but the maintenance is my short fall!

I wanted to share today’s blooms with you and I hope to encourage you to grow something that you find beautiful.

This is the Itoh Peony. She grown on a medium sized plant that comes back every year. Little maintenance required and only blooms in the spring.

Belinda’s Dream Rose. It’s my go-to rose in TX. She’s hardy, beautiful, repeat bloomer and smells divine.

David Austin Rose. These don’t do super well at my house but I was happy to see this bloom.

A yellow rose, the first blooms of the season look funny but they will eventually fill out.

Snowball Viburnum. Grows as a large bush/small tree. The blooms look like hydrangeas. They start off green and turn white. Beautiful blooms!

A flowering vine, the Clematis is a show stopper with its huge perfect flowers.

The Azalea doesn’t last long in bloom but it’s surely gorgeous.

These are the first blooms of spring in Texas.

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