The weather is absolutely gorgeous in TX right now which prompts me to find summer clothes in my overflowing closet.

Why are there so many clothes filling up space that I haven’t worn in years? I had to really think about that. Why don’t I want to let go of this stuff? I think for me the reason is, I don’t want to be wasteful by just throwing it all out. Most places you donate clothes to just turn around and re-sale it anyway.

I found an app that helps me get rid of clothes with feeling like I’m being productive and I actually earn a few bucks by doing it. Poshmark! It’s so easy to use, you take a picture of your item, describe it, price it and post it. When someone purchased the item, you download the shipping label sent by Poshmark, print it and slap it on an old amazon box or whatever you have laying around. Just make sure you package it well with tissue paper or bubble wrap or whatever if it’s something breakable, like make up. I learned my lesson on that one!

My Poshmark page has ladies clothes, kids clothes, accessories and a few men’s clothes. I hope this encourages you to find an outlet whether that’s Poshmark or ThredUp or any of the others to help you clean your closet out for that big spring cleaning.

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