Care Packages

This year for the holidays, considering sending the deployed a care package!

The USS Abraham Lincoln is out to sea protecting our country in ways we never think about! Thankfully, I might add, that we never have to think about.

The USS Lincoln was only intended being out for 6 months. They have just finished their 10th month and have no come-home date in sight. They will be spending Thanksgiving & Christmas out at sea.

This is the longest deployment in Naval history for an aircraft carrier.

Fun fact: the USS Abraham Lincoln has 5,650 people on it! It holds 90 aircraft.

It truly is, it’s own floating city.

Let’s show these soldiers, sailors and airmen aboard that we appreciate them!

Letters are welcome, Christmas cards, non-perishable snacks such as jerky, nuts, trail mix, dried fruit, hard candy, protein bars, granola, oatmeal packets, etc..

also brain games are good. They don’t have a lot of space, so keep it small, such as Rubik’s cubes, word puzzles, word search, short stories, etc.

TNQ will be shipping out to the Lincoln from now until Dec 2.

Thank you for your support

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